Everyone wants to clean their home and accessories but most people are busy in daily life and don’t have time to clean it on daily basis. You can ignore to clean your furniture, Wall or Vase but don’t forget to clean your rug. A handmade rug is one of the most useful accessories for a home. It can be used for creating a focal point, providing a warm touch or for enhancing the beauty of a floor when it is clean but if a rug is filled with dust and junk then it may spoil the impression on your guest. The decorating style and home interior exhibit the personality of a person. So clean your carpet using the below methods-
A hand-knotted or handmade rug is woven in a natural material like pure New Zealand wool, Silk and Cotton material. That’s why it is 100% hand-washable rug. So you can wash it at home. Never use a washing machine for cleaning your rug otherwise the threads of the carpet will come out. Now find the most effective guideline’s for cleaning a rug at home.

1) Vacuum it:

This is the beginning step if you want to clean your rug. You should vacuum your rug every week. If you think that your carpet is too dirty, then vacuum it from both sides. Don’t use a hard vacuum and never use a vacuum for silk area rug. This is suitable for wool rugs and for durries.

2) Clean courtyard before placing your carpet:

For perfect cleaning, you should roll your carpet and place it into the courtyard but before that, you should clean the ground of your courtyard using a broom and water. You can also use detergent for it. After that, place your carpet on the surface for cleaning.

3) Testing for the colorfastness:

Whether you are cleaning a rug or simply removing the stains, a carpet with fast colors will not bleed, fade, or change. Apply the cleaning solution on a hidden portion of the carpet or on a backside of the carpet. If your carpet bleeds then don’t use chemicals on it. Handmade carpets are woven using natural dyes and there are 99% chances that it contains fixed colors.

4) Clean with a Broom:

Before washing it with water and detergent take a broom and clean it. You can shake it and can use a bat for hitting on it. So that you can remove 20% dust from your carpet. Use a hard broom for it.

5) Do not Scrub on it:

Handmade and knotted carpets have very soft piles which give a shiny look. If you use a hard brush for scrubbing on it then it may lose the beauty of a pile. Due to this reason, I suggest you send your carpet to professional carpet cleaner if you have a silk area rug. Suppose wine fell down on the carpet, if you scrub on it then it may spills. At this condition, you should use a cotton cloth and press on the wet spot. And after that use baking soda or vinegar to clean it.