5 Tips To Decorate With More Than One Rug

5 Tips To Decorate  With More Than One Rug

Decorating a room is quite taking in more efforts because of these rooms are where you spend a major part of your day and you want to come home to or work in a place that inviting and decorated in a way that is fascinating to all your senses. Hence while decorating a room never ignore the importance of rugs and carpets. They tie a whole space together but also highlight and raise the grandeur of your space. These are a couple of points you must pay attention while decorating space using carpets and rugs.

1)Divide and conquer: Make sure that rugs of different sizes should be used if you are using more than two rugs to do up your space. Using more than one rug will divide the room into a half instead of tying it together. Use rugs of different sizes to unite a room if the rugs are floor to floor.

2)Peace and Harmony: The design and style should complement and set off each other while using two or more rugs. Having used of contrasting designs can throw off the entire aesthetic of the room and you will end up with something that looks vulgar and unappealing. Instead, use two rugs that accent and highlight one another.

3)Turning up or Toning Down: Using both carpets cannot be the central focus as it might end up with two pieces of art warring with each other. Use one rug to turn up certain aspects of a room and use one to tone down others.

4)Be a schemer: Choose a color scheme and stick to it. One should make sure that one complements the color scheme and the other should point out the other’s colors while choosing your rugs. Make sure that color of your pillows, curtains, and accessories amplify this color scheme and so make sure you select them carefully.

5)Don’t Floor them: Carpets and rugs are not just for your floors but you can also have your walls furnish by them. Select one that goes on the wall and a complementing counter-part goes on the floor. It will provide your space a royal and regal look without looking ancient and bucolic

These are a couple of points that would help you greatly when you’re caught in the dilemma regarding multiple rugs.