Personalize Your Home With Custom Rugs

You have just finished decorating your home, but it looks like something is missing. What you are looking for is something that completes your creative efforts and underlines your love for aesthetics.
Choosing the right rug will help you give the final touch to your home decor with an accessory that can become the focal point of your room.
Refurbishing your interior decor starting from rugs can be a simple yet strategic move, that’s why more and more people decide to complete the decorating process with these trendy accessories.
A well-chosen custom rug enhances the look of your home, adding brightness and color to your interiors.
Our home is a mirror that reflects our vision of the world: let’s choose the colors that have the best emotional impact on us, and the style that better represents us.
Matching colors creates a visual reality that makes us feel at ease, and if our rooms have a nice chromatic balance we can enjoy our home daily life at its best.
Before purchasing your custom rug, you should consider a few elements: shape, style, size and colors.


While most people choose classic shapes, rectangular or square shapes mostly, others prefer to dare choosing round or unconventional shapes, like a leaf shape for example.


Think carefully before you choose a rug: the space where you are going to place it, or the existing furniture and furnishing accessories, contribute in determining a very specific style. The rug must be combined with the room style, without contrasting it.
If your home decor is minimal, simple, essential (like in the following picture), a classic rug could not be the right choice.
Take a look at this layout: minimal decor perfectly matches these three round custom rugs, conveying smoothness to an interior space whose style is characterized by cold colors and sharp lines.


We suggest you measure your rooms very carefully before purchasing your rugs, because rug size is a very crucial matter. It’s very important to know where you want to place your rugs, considering all the other elements of the decor. In a living room, for example, you can choose a medium size rug and anchor it to the floor with the sofa’s legs, so that it doesn’t move; other people prefer very large rugs that contain all the living room sitting elements, sofas and armchairs. The choice is always subjective, and it depends on personal taste and functional needs.
We suggest you consult an interior designer or decorator if you are not sure what your decorating strategy is going to be. He will help you find the best solution, suggesting the custom rug that better suits your interiors.


Color matching should be very accurate, your choice must be guided by two key factors:
– Existing colors: furniture, floor, curtains.
– The feelings and sensations evoked by the colors of your rug.
To find out how to combine colors and styles, creating the home of your dreams, and discover all the secrets to decorate the house with modern rugs to fit your style, download the free guide!