Rugs are crucial when designing a room because they are the defining foundation of most spaces. As designers, we love the depth and interest a rug can add and we are particularly fond of vintage rugs. For today’s Good to Know, we’re going to share all the reasons why you should be using more vintage rugs throughout your house.

One of our favorite reasons to use any vintage piece is the one-of-a-kind factor it adds. In the days of mass production and social media where everyone shares links to products, having something that is completely original is refreshing. However, this is also the most frustrating part of vintage rugs, because if you find one you love and don’t buy it right away, it’s hard to find something similar. Buying anything vintage, including rugs is also a sustainable way to shop and helps keep things out of the landfill. This is something we are always mindful of as the design world can often be very wasteful.
Vintage rugs also are typically very durable. Depending on the rug, its fibers have lasted over 100s of years and can handle being in high traffic areas. Along with their durability, they are generally very timeless since these patterns and colors have stood the test of time. Vintage rugs are pretty low maintenance as well since they don’t tend to shed, don’t fade and are fairly cleanable. High quality rugs are not inexpensive but if you are patient and know how to search, you can find great deals and save a lot of money on vintage rugs compared to a new wool, hand-knotted rug.


* Filter by size
* Searching with the words: vintage, old and antique will produce different results
* Use key words like: vintage Persian rugs, vintage Turkish rugs, vintage kilim rugs or vintage Moroccan rugs
* Shop the “similar products” page of rugs you like
* Be patient and willing to dig through pages of products
* If you find the one you love, don’t wait – buy it while you can

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